Test Bed


The Cougar Drilling Solutions TB1-30 Test Bed is a free-standing, self-contained unit that allows the operator to apply a load in compression or tension to drilling tools. The nature of the press frame/operating console allows the unit to be placed independently, optimizing workflow and safety. The operating console requires a single electrical hook-up to operate.

The Test Bed can be supplied with any customer specified test nubbins to suit fleet requirements.

  • 31′ in length to accommodate long tools, 40′ assembled
  • Can be adjusted to handle tools 10′ in length
  • Can handle tools of maximum 12″ diameter
  • 32″ stroke
  • 190, 000 lb capacity on push side
  • 140, 000 lb capacity on pull side
  • 3,000 PSI system pressure, readily available hoses and couplings
  • Extensions available to increase length

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