Drilling Stabilizer

Built to Specifications. Built to Last.

At Cougar, we work to understand your needs and construct stabilizers to exact specifications with high-grade steel.


The Challenge

Poorly manufactured stabilizers can be out of gauge or out of round, causing serious issues downhole. Your stabilizers need to be precision-machined to your specifications to ensure optimal tool performance.

The Solution

Cougar Drilling Solutions’ stabilizers reduce lateral vibration, limit unintended deviation and allow maximum steerability. They’re proven performers in even the most challenging wells and abrasive environments.

We design and precision-machine each drilling stabilizer in our Canadian facilities for quality assurance. We use 4330 and 4145 heat-treated, stress-relieved steel, tested by independent metallurgical laboratories to verify its quality.

Then, we mill and cut each stabilizer to meet your operation’s precise requirements and run each tool through a strict quality control process to ensure you receive the best product, every time.

Spiral Blade Drilling Services

Spiral blade stabilizers are primarily used for low-deviation well profiles. Spiral blades provide maximum cuttings movement and keep your wellbore in gauge.

Straight Blade Drilling Stabilizer

Cougar track straight blade stabilizers are built for highly deviated and lateral well applications. They ensure maximum steerability and toolface control.

Bit-Bull Near Bit Stabilizer

The Cougar Bit Bull is your first defense against under-gauge hole. They’re designed to show a torque increase at surface when the bit goes under gauge, which alerts the driller to trip out of hole and run a fresh bit. The tool can also function as a near bit reamer, keeping your wellbore smooth and conditioned for reduced tortuosity.


Drilling Stabilizer Features

  • Our team designs and builds each drilling stabilizer to your operation's specifications and requirements.
  • Cougar stabilizers are milled from single pieces of bar, so there are no welded blades or other potential failure modes.
  • Each stabilizer must pass our rigorous quality control process to ensure maximum durability.
  • All sizes will be considered, some larger sizes may require additional lead times


Hole Size (in)Fishing Neck (in)ID (in)Total Length (ft)Weight (lb)
4 3/43.881.625.0200
5 1/2 – 6 3/44.752.256.0200
7 1/2 – 7 7/86.50 - 6.752.816.0410
8 1/2 – 8 3/46.50 - 6.752.816.0410
9 5/8 – 118.002.817.01,100
12 – 14 3/48.00 - 9.002.816.0900
15 3/49.00 -,100
17 1/29.00 -,600
269.00 - 11.003.0010.03,500

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