ST5 Shock Tool


The Cougar Drilling Solutions ST5 Shock Tool is designed for a wide range of drilling conditions. When drilling gets rough, you need a tool that isolates the drill string and keeps the bit on the bottom. You need the Cougar ST5 Steel Spring Shock Tool. Whether you’re running the ST5 in deep, hot, deviated or normal wells, the shock tool’s innovative spring design dampens vibration in even the harshest conditions, helping to reduce rig floor maintenance costs.

Benefits & Features

  • Increased bit life
  • Increased penetration rate, by ensuring optimum bit weight and RPM
  • Minimization of hole deviation by dampening transient loads and controlling net forces at the bit
  • Lengthened drill string component life by reducing cyclic loading
  • Reduced rig floor maintenance costs by reducing vibrations at the surface.

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