Roller Reamer

Reduce Downhole Torque and Vibration, Create a Smooth Wellbore

Reduce downhole torque and vibration with Cougar roller reamers.


The Challenge

Well tortuosity and torque can create a less stable environment in vertical and directional drilling applications. Roller reamers are often needed to enlarge the borehole or smooth rough ledges that can increase wear and tear on equipment and increase risk of not reaching total depth.

The Solution

Cougar roller reamers are engineered for durability and reliability, even under the most severe reaming conditions. Offering many of the benefits of taper blade reamers, roller reamers also provide a rolling surface along the wellbore, which reduces torque, allows for greater energy transfer to the bit, and increases ROP.

Our Process

We design and build each roller reamer to your specifications from heat-treated, stress-relieved steel at our Canadian facilities. Each one must pass our thorough inspections and testing for quality assurance before shipment to your location.


Roller Reamer Features

  • Three-point or six-point configurations available.
  • Roller reamers are mud lubricated, so they won't lock up due to seal failure.
  • They're built for maximum passage of flow and cuttings.
  • Operators can run them in the string or BHA.
  • All bearings and cutters are manufactured from molybdenum alloy.
  • Reamers are quenched in 58-62 Rockwell.


  • Decrease downhole torque.
  • Minimize downhole vibrations.
    • Reduce lateral vibration reduction.
    • Reduce torsional (stick slip).
  • Smooth ledges and irregular hole conditions.
    • Enable easier running in and out of hole.
    • Allow ease in running completions and production strings.
    • Reduce cyclical fatigue and increase life of tool joints.


Hole Size (in)Fishing Neck (in)ID (in)Total Length (ft)Weight (lb)
6 - 6 3/44.751.627.0 - 9.0420
7 1/2 - 7 7/86.502.258.0750
8 3/8 - 8 3/46.502.258.0830
9 5/8 -,200
11 5/8 - 14 3/48.00 - 10.752.819.0 - 14.01,850
17 1/,500

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