Near Bit Reamer

Engineered for Maximum Reliability. Manufactured to Your Specifications.

Unlike a conventional three or six-point reamer, the NBR is shorter and more applicable to applications below the drilling motor.


The Challenge

When drilling deviated wells, geosteered wells or wells that require directional corrections, you increase well tortuosity and create doglegs and ledges across your wellbore. These ledges can cause an accumulation of torque and drag when you drill and run casing. In extreme cases, you may not be able to get casing to total depth.

The Solution

Count on Cougar tools to reduce well tortuosity and smooth ledges and doglegs. This minimizes torque and drag during drilling and allows for more efficient casing running operations.

We design and build each drilling reamer to your specifications so you can rest assured that the tool will meet your objectives and well requirements. We manufacture each one from heat-treated, stress-relieved steel at our facilities in Canada and thoroughly inspect and test each one for quality assurance.

Our Process

These tools are your first line of defense against undergauge holes and poor wellbore quality. They help you create a smooth wellbore, allowing you to drill efficiently and run casing to bottom without setbacks.


Near Bit Reamer Features

  • Our team designs and manufactures each reamer from heat-treated, stress-relieved steel based on your operation's specifications.
  • Each one passes our thorough process for quality assurance.


  • Cougar reamers help ensure your operation stays within budget and the authorization for expenditures.
  • Creating a smooth wellbore will:
    • Maximize drilling efficiency by reducing torque and drag.
    • Ensure greater ease in casing running operations.
    • Create less tortuosity for smoother completion and remedial operations.


Hole Size
Fishing Neck OD
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
Total Length
in. (mm
lb. (kg)
6-61/4" (152-159)43/4" (121)11/4" (32)33" (838)155 (70)
77/8" (200)6½" (165)2" (51)34" (864)235 (107)
6½" (165)21/4" (57)35" (889)365 (166)

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