Cougar LEX Tool

Reduce Friction, Accurately

The LEX maximizes effective weight transfer while minimizing damage to BHA components and increasing sliding ROP.


The Challenge

As operators continue to drill longer laterals, weight transfer becomes a larger concern. Effective weight on bit becomes degraded by hole friction, especially during slides and directional work.

The Solution

The Cougar LEX resolves the problem. It creates a constant and consistent axial pulse across the drill string, effectively moving energy to the BHA and bit, all with the goal of cutting more rock in less time.

Our Process

Is Your Downhole Vibration Tool Optimized for Your Well?

Without optimization, proper placement and configuration of your downhole vibration tool, performance is minimal. You need more input (weight on bit) for additional units of output (rate of penetration and differential pressure). With poor placement and configuration, friction builds, resulting in ineffective weight transfer and poor ROP.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, so we optimize each Cougar LEX downhole vibration tool’s placement and configuration. We consider wellbore tortuosity, drilling parameters, fluid conditions, and torque and drag for your well. We configure the power section and rotating valve to allow compatibility with MWD and other downhole tools. We also properly configure the shock sub for optimal deflection per pulse.

By optimizing the placement and configuration of the LEX, we can maximize effective weight transfer, providing more output (ROP and differential pressure) per unit of input (weight on bit).


  • Reduce downhole friction
  • Minimize damage to BHA components
  • Maximize effective weight transfer
  • Increase sliding ROP
  • Reduce well times and associated costs


Total Weight
Flow Rate
(GPM max)
Frequency Range
Pressure Drop
Pulse Pressure
at 250 GPM (PSI)
Max Overpull
Power Section

* Frequency can be configured and is proportional to flow rate.
* Temp rating – standard 50°C-100°C
** Pressure is based on fresh water, and is configurable


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