Drilling Motors

Reliable. Powerful. Proven Performers.

Cougar offers a drilling mud motor for your specific application, built for maximum reliability.


The Challenge

In challenging conditions, it can be difficult to reach total depth in a single run. Higher temperatures, deviation and poor hole conditions can hinder drilling performance. You need a motor with power and reliability to stay in the ground and meet your drilling objectives.

The Solution

With a combination of radial and thrust bearings, the Cougar drilling motor can handle the toughest conditions, from high-bit-bounce/high-vibration applications in hard rock to high-speed/high-temperature applications in softer formations.

Cougar has extensive experience providing drilling motors for applications around the world – from extended-reach, horizontal applications in North America to high-temperature, geothermal drilling applications in Turkey.

Cougar partners with the top power-section manufacturers in the industry to meet all runs-per-minute and flow requirements for any condition. We also offer the highest grade Kalsi rotational seals for maximum effectiveness in any application, whether vertical, directional or horizontal.

We use high-grade, heat-treated materials to construct each drilling motor, which we precision machine in Canada and ship globally.


Drilling Mud Motor Features

  • Semi-spherical head CV transmission
  • Large OD bearing mandrel and driveshaft
  • Heavily built, highly robust lower end for increased dependability
  • Sealed bearing design using the highest-grade rotary seals available*
  • Maximum flow capability with large fluid bypass components
  • Available in 3.125” to 11.75” outer diameter
  • Proprietary adjustable housing available
  • Any requested fixed bend configuration available
  • All power section speeds and types available on request
  • Seals for high temperature (450°F [230°C]) available

*Mud-lubricated bearing assemblies available in 2020.


  • Designed for maximum longevity downhole
  • Capable of drilling in any conditions
  • Made to withstand high flow rates and poor drilling fluids
  • Built to your specifications, optimized for your application


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