Breakout Unit


The Cougar Drilling Solutions BU3-15000 Breakout Unit is an extremely robust make/break machine. The unit allows the operator to apply a torque to a connection without applying a damaging side load — guaranteeing accurate connection make up, as well as easy, fast servicing of drilling tools and motors. The unit consists of a breakout bed with a stand-alone control console and a data logging acquisition system.

The breakout bed consists of a fixed head along with a power traversing tailstock. The fixed head on the bed applies the torque, while the traversing head allows the operator to precisely position the location of the reactive torque. Locating the torque cylinders on the fixed end of the bed allows for simple, trouble-free service.

Benefits & Features

  • Improve safety and reduce the need for maintenance with enclosed traverse drives and a full drip tray to contain fluids
  • Reduce the potential for delicate components to be damaged during servicing with a clamping force that is uniformly applied and proportional to the diameter
  • Allow maximum flexibility for unit placement for ease of use and safety with a stand-alone control console that contains the only electrical connections required to operate the breakout

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