Roller Reamers


Cougar Drilling Solutions Roller Reamers are expertly manufactured to endure long service, even under the most severe reaming conditions. Milled, one-piece bodies in 3-point or 6-point configurations provide enormous strength, while allowing maximum fluid flow around the reamer in both bottomhole and string applications. A variety of cutters are available for every formation type, be it chart, sandstone or shale.

Benefits & Features

  • Enhance reamer performance with cutters, bearing blocks and cutter pins that are made from molybdenum alloy steel, carburized and quenched to 58-62 Rockwell C. Cutter pins can be rotated 180 degrees for prolonged use.
  • Achieve faster redress with easily changed cutters. Simply drive out one spring-pin and the cutter pin and replace them. A punch, drive bar and hammer are the only tools you’ll need.
  • Take advantage of greater versatility with roller reamers that are available in 3-point or 6-point configurations for bottom hole or string applications. The 6-point bodies, for use in severely crooked holes, will minimize doglegs and optimize hole configuration.
  • Guarantee protection with top-of-the-line stabilizer coatings—even the most abrasive formations won’t affect the performance of Cougar’s wear and cutting products. Cougar stabilizers are coated with state-of-the-art hardsurfacing, using melted carbide grains to form a polycrystalline matrix that holds ingots of pure tungsten carbide. Nickel-chrome is added to the matrix to increase shock and impact resistance. This hardsurfacing process produces a hard-wear surface (4000 hardness on the Vickers scale) with a very low expansion coefficient and good elongation capacity. This means you have a tool with incredibly solid hardsurfacing, but without tool distortion and cracking.

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