Roller Reamers

Cougar Drilling Solutions Roller Reamers are expertly manufactured to endure long service, even under the most severe reaming conditions. Milled, one-piece bodies in 3-point or 6-point configurations provide enormous strength, while allowing maximum fluid flow around the reamer in both …

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Taper Blade Reamer

Aggressive Taper Blade Reamers
Cougar Drilling Solutions Taper Blade Reamers use chunky, sharp, aggressive pieces of carbide to carve up doglegs and tight spots. The huge exposed surface of sharp shards of tungsten carbide is held together in a nickel matrix …

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Near Bit Reamer

The Cougar Drilling Solutions Near Bit Reamer (NBR) is a short, robust reamer designed for the bottom of a drilling motor. This tool provides reaming characteristics and gauge protection for the drill bit.
Unlike a conventional 3 or 6-point roller reamer, …

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Geothermal Drilling

Cougar Drilling Solutions has extensive oil and gas experience and has already expanded into geothermal drilling.

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Break Downhole Friction - Accurately

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer to vibration tools

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