Test Bed

The Cougar Drilling Solutions TB1-30 Test Bed is a free-standing, self-contained unit that allows the operator to apply a load in compression or tension to drilling tools. The nature of the press frame/operating console allows the unit to be placed independently, optimizing …

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The Cougar Drilling Solutions Floor Mounted Service Vice has a tool capacity of 3 ¾ to 12″ OD, and is constructed to hold up to 50 tons. The Cougar Vice has a heavy clamping leaf chain, “V” shaped support plate …

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Breakout Unit

The Cougar Drilling Solutions BU3-15000 Breakout Unit is an extremely robust make/break machine. The unit allows the operator to apply a torque to a connection without applying a damaging side load — guaranteeing accurate connection make up, as well as easy, fast …

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Geothermal Drilling

Cougar Drilling Solutions has extensive oil and gas experience and has already expanded into geothermal drilling.

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Break Downhole Friction - Accurately

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer to vibration tools

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