Performance Drilling Services

Count on Customized Performance Drilling Services and Fit-for-Purpose Technology to Lower Drilling Costs

Cougar Drilling Solutions combines fit-for-purpose technology with cutting-edge BHA design software to increase overall performance and reduce drilling time. Our engineers create a data-based strategy and execution plan tailored to your environment, well site and goals.

As part of our commitment to developing innovative solutions to lower the costs of drilling wells, we have created the powerful line of Cougar motors to increase the rate of penetration and minimize drilling dysfunction. When combined with properly selected bits, the application of our optimized drilling motors ensures greater reliability and improved borehole quality.

With Cougar’s customized performance drilling services, you can:

Cougar Drilling Solutions’ state-of-the-art downhole tools for performance drilling include:

Ready to lower your well costs? Talk to the Cougar engineering team about our performance drilling services.

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