Optimized Well Delivery (OWD™)

Cougar Drilling Solutions brings together dedicated engineering expertise with specialized software technology to provide economically driven Optimized Well Delivery (OWD™) services for operator’s well teams.

Working in close collaboration with our clients, we deliver the following services designed to enhance drilling performance and processes:

  • Project management
  • Drilling optimization
  • Well/drilling engineering

At Cougar, we add value to every phase of our clients’ well construction projects by applying a defined, scalable process to deliver customized and integrated OWD™ service solutions.

Typical OWD™ services include:

  • Optimized well design and field development planning
  • Field economics assessment, AFE cost development and cost control
  • Risk assessment
  • Offset analysis and benchmarking
  • Technical peer review, CWOP, DWOP, TDL (Drilling Ops)
  • Bit and BHA optimization, gross and on-bottom rate of penetration enhancement
  • Office-based optimization supervision, drilling optimization
  • Vibration (string and bit) management and pressure (ECD) management services
  • Knowledge management, including post-well performance review, lessons learned, best practices, AAR facilitation, etc.


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