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Geosteering services

Accurate wellbore placement is key to enhanced production and maximum return on investment. However, a core sample from an offset well may not provide an accurate picture of the formations drilled in a nearby production well. You need advanced technology and real-time data access to steer your well in the right direction.

At Cougar, we utilize the latest in MWD and LWD technology to provide live, accurate data at the BHA and to make on-the-fly decisions about where to steer the well for the most exposure to the producing formations. By utilizing gamma ray, resistivity and a toolbox of other high-tech logging tools we can provide the right solution for every project.

Our geosteering services require a fundamental relationship between your geology and engineering teams and Cougar’s staff of engineers, directional drillers, measurement-while-drilling engineers and well planners for the project to go as scheduled. Cougar believes building this relationship through constant communication and trust is the key to success, the first time, every time.

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