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We’re not just a vendor – we’re a partner. We optimize our Mechanical Thruster and LEX to your project, location and environment to ensure you get the maximum effectiveness. Reliable, capable and consistent, each Cougar tool reflects our commitment to power and performance. With Cougar downhole tools and services, you can rest assured that you can minimize downtime and increase productivity as you reduce costs.

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  • As operators continue to drill longer laterals, keeping pipe moving to the bottom becomes a larger concern
  • Designed as a one-trip system for sidetracking operations, the Cougar Drilling Solutions Whipstock is an innovative product engineered to reduce the risk and cost of launching open hole sidetracks
  • The Cougar Drilling Solutions DJ6 Drilling Jar is one of the toughest and most durable jars in the oil industry.
  • Part of the Cougar Drilling Solutions’ fleet of downhole drilling tools, the DJ10 is assembled with the same dependable mechanical lock (latch) mechanism as the Cougar DJ6, but with the capacity to jar down hydraulically
  • The Cougar Drilling Solutions ST5 Shock Tool is designed for a wide range of drilling conditions.
  • With the growing demand for Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) technology and PDC bits, Cougar Drilling Solutions recognizes the demand for a shock tool that works and performs with this new technology.
  • The Mechanical Thruster is your best choice for enhanced drilling performance through any interval, from 10 feet to 10,000 meters.
  • All parts of the bearing assembly have been designed to eliminate fatigue mechanisms by including large stress-relief radii manufactured from strong alloy steels.
  • At Cougar, we work in close collaboration with each of our clients to understand your needs and provide stabilizers that are consistently constructed to exacting standards.
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