Premium Tools for a Tough Job

Cougar Drilling Solutions uses the highest-grade steel available in all of our drilling tools, and all of our connections are cut in API-Certified machine shops. Every tool in our fleet passes a Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and performance test before leaving our shop. We ensure complete traceability by documenting and logging all manufacturing, testing, and inspection processes with ISO certified procedures.

Superior Inventory and 24-Hour Service

Need a part or a tool anywhere in the world? Cougar Drilling Solutions will get it to you now, our head office is always open. Do you have a unique application? We’ll build to your specifications. Our manufacturing facility and our massive inventory of tools and parts guarantee prompt shipment worldwide.

Immediate Response

If there is a situation in the field anywhere in the world, our international network of Cougar Drilling Solutions Service Centers will assess your situation. We’ll make sure you have a tool so you can get up and running again.

Contact us to learn more.

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