Measurement While Drilling

Count on Precise, Real-Time Data for Optimum Wellbore Placement

Accurate data while drilling allows you to optimize your wellbore placement to reduce non-productive time and costs. Our team enables you to drill reliably even in high-vibration, high-temperature and other harsh environments. As wells become deeper and more complex, we provide a constant stream of data for precise wellbore placement, reservoir navigation and drilling optimization.

Data includes integral measurements such as axial and lateral shock, static and dynamic pressure, vibration and stick slip, enabling proactive mitigation of downhole forces that can damage the BHA components and decrease ROP.

We customize dependable solutions for your well, objectives and drilling environment, using advanced technology. Our tools use proven methods to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, allowing higher-speed pulser duty cycles downhole without the risk of losing telemetry. We provide up to three-bits-per-second mud pulse telemetry and comprehensive integral drilling mechanics measurements. Numerous configuration options exist with the MWD tool, providing the BHA designer flexibility in the sensor placement.

Rely on Cougar Drilling Solutions for robust, dependable MWD services aided by the latest in technology.

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