Why Choose Cougar

Reliable. Capable. Consistent. Not Just Words, But Words to Live by.

At Cougar, our purpose is simple. In everything we do, our aim is to help you and your team find creative ways of reducing the cost of drilling wells.


We put reliability first for a reason – without reliable products and services, capability and consistency are not achievable. With 50 years of industry experience in designing, manufacturing and applying technology to our customers’ wells, we have built a strong understanding of what reliability means to this industry and a reputation across the globe as one of the most reliable providers of downhole tools and services.


Defined as “able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do,” capability is a requirement of any service provider to be efficient and achieve goals. Without capability there is no operation, or success. Over the years Cougar has amassed a staff of the most highly trained personnel in disciplines such as engineering, logistics, operations, supply chain, finance and business to facilitate operational successes and create capabilities unmatched by our competitors.


What is success without consistency? Failure. Winning one game will not win the championship. At Cougar we believe that analyzing both the success and failure stories to the umpteenth degree allows us to be most well prepared for repeated success in any operation for which we are a part. Utilizing lessons learned and best practices keeps our people from failing (more than once), which translates to time and cost savings for our customers.

Words to live by. Every time.

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