C + E = O

ceo-logoCougar Drilling Solutions provides engineered solutions that involve our products and our directional drilling expertise. We work with, and educate our customers about the entire process to meet more of the industry’s demands.

ceo-sailing-smallC+E=O is how we get you the best end-result. Through Collaboration and Education, we can Optimize drilling solutions.


Every project is different, and it takes different strategies to meet different end goals. At Cougar, we like to form partnerships, and work with our clients to get the job done right.


We understand that sharing the secrets of our industry is the best way for clients and partners to get the most value. Cougar Drilling Solutions doesn’t just deliver an amazing end-result; our clients learn how complex drilling problems get solved. They understand what’s possible and what steps are needed to bring a project in on time.


This is what happens when we work together and educate our customers. By looking at each project as a whole, we can identify what the risks are and how to minimize them.

C+E=O is project management at its best. Using this model, we combine our engineering expertise, and our client’s economic drivers. With this approach we can cut down risks, lost time and delivery costs.

We use C+E=O in every phase of your project through:

Anyone can say they provide optimized results. We have the formula and the results that prove it. To discover what C+E=O can do for your project contact Cougar Drilling Solutions at info@cougards.com.

Case Studies:

C+E=O has already helped us knock every project out of the ballpark. Below are two case studies that show C+E=O at its best:

Turkish National Petroleum Company

Cougar Drilling Solutions worked with the Turkish National Petroleum Company (TPAO) in 2011. In exchange for our techniques, TPAO loaned engineering staff to us for one year. With access to more engineers, and the use of Cougar’s performance drilling service, the partners were able to complete the well a full eight days ahead of schedule. Read the full case study

National Oil Company of Congo

Cougar Drilling Solutions teamed up with the National Oil Company of Congo (SNPC). Using C+E=O, the well delivery team took the time to educate SNPC about the drilling process and worked with the company to deliver pre-drill planning. With our formula, we were able to reduce well delivery cost by a full 25 percent. Read the full case study

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